a Digital Business Development framework

for startups and enterprises

A framework for digital business development

Mindset, methodology and a set of techniques and rules tested and proven on multiple real-life cases, suitable for every stage of a digital startup and enterprises. A way to think your digital marketing/sales differently.

Based on Lean and Agile principles

Ignition is based on The Lean Startup methodology, Scrum framework and OKRs by Google, applied to digital marketing/sales to help you re-think how you set business and marketing goals and how you reach them.

Set, plan, execute, iterate.

Learn how to set business goals, define and allocate budgets, which metrics to monitor and how to set KPIs. Execute short-term strategies in cycles to reach the goals you set. Redefine how you look at business development plans and strategies.

Have a look at it, download Ignition Lite PDF

Take a look at Ignition Lite, a 60 slides PDF detailed overview of the framework. Download for free Ignition Lite PDF!